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CM Trivendra releases book “Prayogik Shiksha Gandhiji Ki Nai Talim”

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Dehradun: Chief Minister Mr. Trivendra Singh Rawat released the book “Prayogik Shiksha Gandhiji Ki Nai Talim”, prepared by Mahatma Gandhi National Council of Rural Education for inclusion of work education in school and DLD curriculum, at Secretariat on Friday.

Chief Minister congratulated the State Universities, State SCERT (State Educational Research and Training Council) and Mahatma Gandhi National Council for Rural Education fort their joint efforts for “Prayogik Shiksha Gandhiji Ki Nai Talim” campaign programme. Through work and experience, education can be taken in a better way.

India’s ancient education system was based on experiments and work experiences. Education is effective only when it is given through work and crafts and only book knowledge is not enough. Morals should be an essential part of education.

Chief Minister said that education should not be merely a medium of business and employment but teachers and guardians should also take into account the long term social effects of education.

Chief Minister said that continuous dialogue between teachers and guardians is necessary for the overall development of the students. Teacher, guardian, students should also have triangular constructive dialogue, so that the shortcomings of the students can be rectified in a joint manner.

Chief Minister said that on the occasion of the birth anniversary of great personalities, instead of a public holiday, programmes should be organised to make the students aware about the great personalities. He said that education should be linked with handicrafts, local culture, agriculture, environmental protection, productive works, cleanliness and innovative skills, in order to make the students more self-sufficient and to develop a sense of social responsibility in them.

It was informed by the Education Department that on the initiative of Chief Minister, school students were being included in the campaign for reviving the rivers across the state. Plantation has been done at the large level by the school students in the state under the plantation campaign in the villages on the Chief Minister’s call.

Notably, on the occasion of the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, the promotion of “Prayogik Shiksha Gandhiji Ki Nai Talim”campaign, prepared by the State Universities, State SCERT and Mahatma Gandhi National Council of Rural Education, is being carried out in educational institutions across the country.

Gandhiji’s Nai Talim or basic education is the whole idea of the development of body, brain and soul, in which activities of producer, art, crafts or community affiliation have been made to be the center of learning. Under the Nai Talim, focus is on promoting work education and experimental education.

Along with the universities, special efforts are being made by state governments and SCERT, in the areas of work education and experimental education, school and teacher training. To connect the campaign with school education and teacher training, curriculum has been prepared for class 1 to 12 and DLD and B.Ed.

On this occasion, the Minister of School Education Mr. Arvind Pandey, Minister of Higher Education Dr. Dhan Singh Rawat, Chief Secretary Mr. Utpal Kumar Singh, Secretary Dr. Bhupinder Kaur Aulakh, Mr. Amit Singh Negi, Education Department and Mahatma Gandhi National Council  of Rural Education officers were present.